Office of the Ombuds

Reporting an Issue or Inquiry to FINRA’s Office of the Ombuds

Any individual or organization who has an inquiry or a complaint about operations, enforcement or other FINRA activities may contact the Ombuds confidentially or anonymously through this third-party portal, hosted by EthicsPoint.

Updates regarding the status of your submission can be provided to you by phone or email if the appropriate contact information is included with your submission. If you require anonymity or would only like to receive information through the portal, it is important that you retain your password and the report key that will be generated automatically upon completion of your submission.

If you do not provide contact information, the FINRA Ombuds recommends that you access your portal submission using your password and report key within five business days of your submission. Existing Inquiries/Complaints can be accessed below in the section “Follow-up on an Existing Inquiry/Issue”.

Upon conclusion of your contact with the Office of the Ombuds, if you have feedback on your interaction, please take our brief, anonymous survey.

If you would like to submit a Regulatory Tip, click here. To report an Investor Complaint about a broker, brokerage firm, or their employees, click here [English] or here [Spanish].

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FINRA—the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority—is a government-authorized not-for-profit organization that regulates the U.S. brokerage industry. FINRA’s Office of the Ombuds handles inquiries and concerns about FINRA.

To submit a Regulatory Tip, click here.

To report an Investor Complaint about a broker, brokerage firm, or their employees, click here [English] or here [Spanish].

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Please write down your Report Key and Password in a secure location as this information cannot be recovered or reset once your inquiry or issue has been submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I really anonymous?
A: Yes, you don't even have to provide us your name or contact information, all you need is the Case Key provided to you when you submit your case, along with the password you created.
Q: Can I provide further information or ask more questions later?
A: Yes. You can come back to this page and use your Case Key and password to access a secured form where you and the Ombuds can send messages to each other.
Q: What if I lose my Case Key? Or I don't remember my Password?
A: In order to preserve your privacy and confidentiality, nobody in the Office of the Ombuds has the ability to access Case Keys or passwords. Simply submit the inquiry again as a new case.
Q: Can I contact the Ombuds through other channels?
A: Yes. You can call us directly via our toll-free number at (888) 700-0028, or (240) 386-6270, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., ET. You can also contact us by mail, fax, or send us an email. Click here for more information.
Q: Can I submit a Regulatory Tip or Investor Complaint about a broker, brokerage firm, or their employees using this form?
A: No, FINRA’s Office of the Ombuds reviews concerns or complaints about FINRA operations, enforcement or other activities, and staff, therefore, this form is used to seek assistance and information or to report potential concerns which pertain to FINRA. To report Regulatory Tips, click here. To report an Investor Complaint about a broker, brokerage firm, or their employees, click here [English] or here [Spanish].
Q: I am a FINRA employee. Can I contact the Ombuds via the online portal?
A: Yes, anyone with a complaint or concern regarding FINRA may contact the Office of the Ombuds. This includes investors, securities industry professionals, FINRA employees, and any business or individual that interacts with FINRA. For FINRA employees and others, using the online portal is the most confidential manner in which to contact us.